The Joy of One Child

It was Pain that brought me home. I  have to warn you though, it was not entirely mine. Let me explain, maybe you can join me. Maybe you can join us.

There was a choir aloft above the stars, alight with invisible colours painted with eternal splendor. Their song filled an entire realm with dense excellence as reminded their master of his masterful mastery.

One day he said, ‘Your numbers are great. I will make one who is comparable to me in excellence and projection. And like me, he will create praise for me and rule my expanded domain.’

But a proud Angel said, ‘Why should a younger and corruptible species inherit such vastness? Since this is the nature of you, Master, I will have the choir sing their songs of power at me. Even these your masterpieces will testify of my worth and grace.’

So the choir watched as an entire race was born in a breath and that breath was separated into a greater part to hold the future and a lesser but infinitely fundamental part to hold the present.

But the proud was banished from beyond the stars, from the realm of the Master who created all. Yet he was cast into the domain of the Son of the Master; if he ever repented, the Son would be The Way to the Father.

The Son, Man, waxed strong, leading a new choir as their sights and sound praised the Master. The Daughter, Woman, went out and found the Angel.

But the Angel saw her first, and tricked her into rebelling against the Master. Thus the Master lost direct legitimate influence over the realm. All that was left was the Children, the unrepentant Angel and his following… And the power of the Master, hidden deep in the fabric of the realm.

Then The Master stretched out his hand, and sowed his breath once more in the daughter. For rebellion had severed the Son, Man, and his sons from the Master, their Life. And unto Men, a Son was given from the Master, to stand in the stead of man and bear the fruit of his rebellion.

But the Angel saw, that all the music was turning again to the Master. He had been defeated, but he knew if he could deafen men, they would perish with him. So today he still sings, loudly, seductively, turning the Children’s heart from their Father.

But there is joy in heaven when one son turns home and begins to walk, fighting the lying vanities that are the song of the Angel, sung to tie him down to unwarranted Damnation.

These vanities lead to pain. I know, I have listened to them and followed their lead, until I looked, listening understood the Truth, that The Son given was The Way to Life, as always.

It was his Pain that brought me home…. Home to that Wonderful Choir. Maybe you can join me. Maybe you can join us, for there is joy when one son, one daughter, comes home. There is a joy, a new Song. Yours, theirs, ours.

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