Yessss. Learn,Copy, Reproduce!

A Scintilla of Thoughts

Learn from water, they said.

Adjust, constrain and conform.
Be the flask that you reside inside.
It should make no difference if your container is narrow or wide.
Be calm, be composed, be accepting of circumstance.
Let the walls that surround you shape who you are, and make you who you should be.

Learn from water, I understood.

Crash over the rocks, like a thunderstorm.
Sail over rivers, down cliffs, and through alleys.
Soak in every bit of what helps you grow.
Gush through any river-bed that seeks to constrain you.
Let your personality flow and become what it wants to become.

You were given one life,
Belong to the bottled container, restricting yourself for the sanity of those around you,
or, break free,
Belong to the ocean, with vast opportunities to embrace, and a world to change.

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