IN GLORY (A Sermon through Pastor Emeka Nwokike at PENSPEAK 2015)

Everyone began in GOD,
Everything too.
There is a problem, however odd
And everything is a solution, however broad.

I speak of my past like it was another man.
You know why? It is another man.
War is greed, grief was not God’s plan,
He fathomed a failsafe for fallen man.
A man, Jesus, God
Sent to spread the Word through his blood.
A Savior to reproduce Saviors
Each with a solution according to his purpose

I tried to negotiate away the vision he showed me.
I feared hunger, His reason didn’t make sense to me.
How I argued, rather than trust him to ‘do’ through me.
I feared myself, but see he touched me.
I am talking from your future, so hear me.
Before he formed you, or you got in your mom’s belly,
God did not write foolish stories; your life is a movie.
He is the Author and You’re The Star of your own movie;
And the End in God is Glory
He always ends…

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