everyone!! read this again!!! slowly!!

Christ a poet

….And God said “Let there be…” and there was.

Amazing isn’t it? The idea of mind over matter, how thoughts and words can become material things. Its rather unfortunate that people pick their most faithless moments to try and materialize a spoon by saying ‘let a spoon appear right now in my hand!’ (Hahaha)its funny right? But it is very true that for words to give life, your mind must be in total agreement with what you say. Don’t think its impossible because it happens every single day. Remember when the words ‘I hate you’ or ‘You are worthless’ made you cry and actually consider the fact that maybe, just maybe you did not amount to anything and that week you ended up doing the most stupid things until you caught yourself and changed your view? Well that’s exactly what I mean. Its a chain reaction, a build up…

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