BORROWED LIFE? by Clarkson Ikwunze

Christ a poet

Over time I have often heard folks say to believers:

‘This life you are living is a borrowed life and if you don’t take care of it…’

I understand that this is often said to challenge folks to line up well and take life seriously and then they will say some other times;

‘Your life is like the borrowed axe..’

But recently it dawned on me, we do not have or live a borrowed life, the life we have is a gift given to us by the greatest giver of all times – Christ Jesus

A simple understanding of that will spur us on to living life to its fullest giving pleasure to God.

Last year, I got a pen as a GIFT from a darling friend of mine, the pen came in a pack, with a refill, looking at it I knew it cost a fortune; it was a…

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