War In Heaven

So many promises have no root
Like paintings with no canvas
We color our hopes with no truth
So we branch off with no fruit

I still remember how we jubilated
We professed and danced, celebrated
At last our heritage had been activated
So we ignored what he really said.

And so we were shocked by Fear;
Whose minions, Lack and Despair,
Attacked our castles in the air
Many of us still fall, here and there.

Alive or Dead…
Escaping destruction, being saved instead
I used to have a bounty on my head
For this reason, blood was shed
I lost my scent and complexion
I gained that true salvation.

Traps were set
Golden thorns set to make
We came off our new throne
To fight for plaques with dry bones

Our unbelief, our enemy’s ammunition
Cracked our shields and then as one
We stabbed each other with truths broken
Enjoying funeral cloths in their rotting

Whose blood covers this reflection?
In what way shall we overcome?
He answers every time I call out
Like my claim to him never times out.
Faithful, Merciful, he’d reminded me,
‘Yours is the victory, I am with thee…’

They cant believe their eyes
Their ears catch my joyful cries
Defeated, each lie now lies
I now remember why and how.

I rise again, unsheathe my sword
Don my armor, raise my shield
He won the war in heaven
On earth we will show them
For this reason, his blood was shed
To raise us throned, alive or dead!

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