Things I wish I had said.

Whilst Sipping Coffee. . .

This post has been lying around as a draft for more than a month now.
This is a collection of snippets.
I had them written as memos in my phone, some are from my diary when I was little, back of notebooks, scraps of paper here and there. Hidden away.
These are little things-
Things I wish I had said, things I wish I could make people understand but couldn’t.
Because there are barriers of time, depression,ego, space, language,undertstanding, disease and death.
As a part of self-recovery, I am letting this out in the world, so that I can get past the fact that it was all bottled up. There is a lot more. But baby steps.

As usual there is slight trigger warning, as this is all very personal.
So if you are moved easily, don’t read anymore. Take care.


“You take my silence to mean so many things…

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