Money Madness

Ezekiel's Apprentice

Duplicitous world, duplicitous life,
Two sides to all, the wise hadn’t lied,
They say civilised is great
But it’s other side is sad fate,
We pay to live actually
And all we do is wait?

And not to forget, eventually die,
That’s like we are paying just to die!
Like psychs, say we are civilised?
Look how a dog would spend a while,
I don’t say they have the best of lives,
I don’t say they don’t suicide,
But consider our numbers
Aren’t those just way too wide?

Humanity is lost is what everybody says,
As it has ever lived earlier, everybody plays!
Man is uncivilised, a civilised man
Finds this truth too costly to pay!
That’s where the wrong is, we pay, we play,
Sometimes unknown, and many deliberate,
I, as the apprentice of Ezekiel’s, state
“Money will for sure annihilate man because
Money will be why man will…

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