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Inspiration is the source of creativity. I often wonder what is the source of inspiration?

I often think about what inspired inventors like Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the likes of them.

Then let’s take a look at great leaders and strategists like Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Sun Tsu, Winston Churchill, George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Suleyman The Magnificent, Golda Meir and others like them.

I think about inventions like aeroplanes, rockets, submarines, cars, condoms, computers, microwave, pressing iron, gas cooker, paper, clothes, phones and electricity and other inventions that makes life lot easier. How will our world be without these gifts invented by men like us?

There is something in man that desires a better life, something hidden within us that challenges the status quo. The desire to improve, to become better.

Man is created to be inspired. When man is not…

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