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The first thing which flashes in our mind,as we hear this term – Charity is donating huge sum for vulnerable people throughout the globe.Well different people have different opinions on this topic.Most beings in the 21st century,intend to indulge into charitable activities at some point of time but backslide to do so as they get stuck into the rat race. Preoccupied with heavy responsibilities,we soon start procrastinating and delaying our charitable intentions.As a result,the moment we see a beggar asking for a penny,we offer him money considering it to be charitable.We consider that act as a compensation against our bigger charitable plans.With this Iet me tell you that offering money won’t redress the issue of poverty in our nation. Beggars aren’t seeking for money,rather justice and fairness.The purpose of charity is to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by our constitution.A lot of people surmise that the only way of doing…

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