A Beautiful Evening!!!



There I sat, in solitude staring at the golden & tapestry sky following a wonderful sunset with overwhelmingly warm colour scheme on a cold winter eve.

The wind roared in my ears, which brought with it sound of birds heading back home. I sat there gazing at the clouds wandering, wondering about the nature &  pondering upon various aspects of life. Sitting over the edge of a hill, surrounded by the dried twigs which had although survived the  aftermath of the fall, but had lost the essence of their existence, to cherish their dreams to blossom.

All of this provided the perfect ambience for reflecting and introspection. At certain point I felt the need of a person by my side, but soon it vanished as the scenic ambience transported my soul to another place altogether.

I sat there in a state of querencia without even realizing when the simmering sunlight…

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