Micheal Joseph Eje would examine a piece of poetry,
‘Why do you even lock poems?’ He would ask me.
He’d ask this because of the difficulty
He experienced comprehending that particular piece properly.
You see, I’d take a wad of well known words
Sew them into a solid soliloquy of swords
But when they stabbed him at their reading
He would feel a deficit of discerning.

Suli Breaks once said, ‘If Education is key, then school is the lock.’
On analysis i comprehended with shock.
The Lock is a problem that solves the security question
But the key is one answer to the ‘Lock’ Situation.
There for the key must be introduced into the lock it fits.

My answer to Joseph was to sing
Partly because i enjoy singing
‘I lock poems because its fun,’ I’d say.
Jack is sharp when work is play
What do you do to cause enjoyment
That cannot be turned to a form of employment?
The educated are certified for profesion by schools
But only God can educate fools

You have the answer to your generation
But first you must discover your question.

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