They don’t know the extent
Of the limitlessness of your intellect
Words fall short while trying
To explain the power of my King
They say you know and yet
The Children of God fret
The End and The Beginning
He is everything in between

They don’t know the extent
Of your mercy and loving kindness
All life is yours
But love is your nature
Omnipotent is my King
Yet he tends the tiniest thing
Life itself knew death
To clear a disobedient debt.

They dont know the potency
Of the totality of your supremacy
Nor do they ever fully reason
The weight of the authority you’ve given.
I am without fear but compassionate;
Through me, may you emanate,
Our joy, our reward, my Father.
Be magnified, be praised loudly, Worthy Sir

They dont know the potency
Of your promise and loyalty
You who answers with fire
Whose decree governs the depth and higher.
They dont you’re the reason for reason
All some want is to leap for heaven
They dont know how to love you
Neither do I, its true.

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